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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A needed Break

This past week started with 50 degree temps and 3 inches of rain. Needless to say, most of the ice in my area was compromised. Most of the lakes and rivers opened up in areas and the shore line busted up.
On Thursday i tried my hand at herring fishing with no luck at all. I went to 3 marinas, and spent about4 hours trying to get a few of these scaly, oily, silver fish. It was nice to get out during some snow and do some fishing.
I took some time during the rest of the week trying to get my fishing gear together. I had a Riptide that needed some care. After giving it a good cleaning and some Tibor grease it was as good as new. I did realize i am in the market for a new fly box. Seems that the Cliff Out doors bugger Beast SR. is the only one to get.
The week ended With the West Redding Fire house game dinner. I took my position with friends and flipped steaks for hours on the grill outside. The weather could have been a little warmer. But we had a great time telling dirty jokes, and busting balls.
On a bad note i pulled into work Saturday night and noticed that my truck was throwing ATF fluid all over. I needed this like a hole in my head. I did have plans to do some ice fishing this week and some small game hunting, but i am going to have to get the truck fixed first. I just hope it will not be expensive and can be fixed fast.
It was nice to have a week of rest.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

In a Bad Rut

Boy i guess 2010 has been filled with extreme highs and lows. I have been struggling to find a decent trip. I have been either having a great trip or a major disappointment. One thing is for sure, work is cramping my style.

Today was the last day for ducks. Mr. Mike and i decided to go and do an Old Squaw hunt in open water. I wouldn't say i am in a bad rut. Today was just a disaster. Check out the sequence of events: I got the boat in and mike was there on time. I said to mike, "you got your gun"? Mr. Mike replies, "no, i thought you had it." So, there i was sitting in the dark while the boat idled. It only took Mr. Mike 10 minutes to get his duck killing weapon, at least the boat warmed up. The decoys only took about 10 minutes to set up. We each had a shot at an OS but we could not connect. We should have packed it in. It seems like all the clam boats from Norwalk wanted in on where we were hunting. We just could not get anything going and we ended on a bad note.

Duck season was really fun. I got to get out on the water for a few more months with my family and friends. I can't wait till next year. And i promise to shoot puddle ducks next season. Geese are still open till mid February. Enjoy some pics from this season.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I love to clam durring the winter. The sun sits very low and it gives it an overcast feel. Eventhough it is cold you enjoy every minute. Our beds in Stamford have been closed since last march. We have a half inch rain trigger so the beds are closed a lot. Th conditional areas have been open for a few days and i think they will be closed on monday due to the threat of heavy rains. I needed to get in on the action while it was open.
I got down to the beds around 915am to see the tide was almost out full and the winter sun low in the sky. I had my brothers stainless steel rake with me and my neopreme waders. The stainless rakes is great, powerful, light, and sharp. You could rake clams out of a driveway with this rake.
Even though the beds have been closed for 9 months the beds were worked over. This really bummed me out that some people just don't care. I hope they all have HEP A, B, and C for good measure. I did however dig enough for a good dinner!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crazy bluegill action!!!!!!

What a difference a day makes. After i had my first outing dreams crushed yesterday i was able to get my act together this morning. I decided on a change of venue. Moving from the vast openness of Candlwood lake and its deep flats, to the mouth of a damned tidal pond.
The ice was about 7 inches thick, which is good for being right on Long Island Sound. Well the fishing was Non-stop with the bluegills, and nothing else. Finally after an hour long bail job i got into some dink yellow perch, and my supply of spikes was going at an alarming rate. I then pulled a move to see if i could locate some whites or crappie, not a chance! The bottom was paved with gills and dink yellows. It was like "shooting rats in a pipe" ! I was wondering if that was all that inhabited this lake.
After about two hours i was in the middle of a crazy sub-ice bluegill blitz. Then, Finally, I got a big hit on the Vex! and then it hit my jig! I could tell it was no bluegill. After a minute, a giant, yellow perch came to the hole. About 20 minutes later the north wind started to come on and threw on my coat. While i was doing this i noticed a fish on the vex come after my jig, and it hit! Finally, a crappie!!! I did not stay much longer because i was wanting to go to bed. After a long night at work it was time to get going. Thankfully i was able to end the day with a string of 5 crappie.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Disapointing start

After 10 long months of waiting, i finally got to go ice fishing. I love getting out on the ice for that first trip, drilling the first hole, and seeing the first flicker on the vex, and even the first flag of the year. Today was my day to get in on SW CT's short ice fishing season.

I wanted to get to Candlewood at 7 but the bait shop did not open till 8 so i was delayed an hour on that end, a Pre-season scouting trip would have reviled this speed bump. I bought a pack of spike and a pair of wool liner gloves. I asked the man at the shop "how has the fishing been"? he replied, "SLOW". Of course, why would it be on fire when i want to go.

All the signs were shaping up for a stellar trip and at 815 i was dragging my sled and contents down the ramp at danbury town park. All i took with me was my vex, new 7inch lazer, and 3 jigging rods. I was going to start drilling holes and keep moving until i found some signs of life on the vex, which i never did. I found one group of dink yellow perch that pestered me twice. Other than that the vex reviled a lifeless abyss. I have had a few day in past years like this and there is nothing you can do about it. i packed it in around 11 with my tail between my legs and dreams crushed. On a nicer note i talked to another ice nut on the way out and he had the same results. Tomorrow is another day and i will find better fishing. I mean its hard for it to get worse. At least i was able to get out for a few hours and enjoy a really nice morning on the water.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fishing, hunting, shellfishing, and just about anything outdoors is what i am into. I have set up this blog so people can share some of my experinces outdoors, the laughs, the screw ups, and the fun. I will bring to you interesting posts that will be fun to read and filled with awsome outdoor photos. posts will be soon to come.