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Sunday, November 30, 2014

If it Flies it Dies

Waterfowl hunting the saltwater is not for the faint of heart.  Cold temps, big water, wind, snow and ice are all conditions you will encounter, and you must be prepared for them.  Unlike summer, when one can see many boats out, winter is a ghost town out there.  The reward?  Several different types of ducks which like to decoy and lots of spent shotgun shells.  

   My season started with a bang.  Right after legal shooting time a nice Scoter came into the decoys and I was able to lay it out with no problem.    My partner for the day had never been duck hunting and it did not take him long to take out a bufflehead.  We ended the quick mooring hunt with 1 merganser, one Old Squaw, 1 Scoter, and one Bufflehead.  Weather was cold, but we had zero wind!

    I would also like to mention i was shooting the Kent Silver Steel which I now love and since it is cheaper than the Black Cloud I will be shooting that from now on.