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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Year of Lost Fish

    I like to think every fishing season takes on its own theme, last year was the year of fog.  The current season is becoming the year of lost fish.  It bums me out to say it, but it is the truth.  I have had so many fish just follow my fly to the boat or hit lightly.  I have hooked a lot of these fish only to drop them.  I hope my luck changes.

   My news is not all doom and gloom.  I have been catching a lot of fish, even though, I have been drooping more than my fare share.  I mostly fly fish because I enjoy casting and the other dynamics of it, however, last week I Enjoyed some spinning rod time.  I almost forgot how good rubber like the slug-go and fins-fish are.  What a great time it has been out on the water the last few trips.  Fish are holding along the rocks at low tide and on the flats at high tide.  I have had to move around to find them, but once they are located it has been great.  June is here! Go Striped Bass Fishing!