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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Platypus Soft Bottle

Recently, I was shopping at my local Eastern Mountain Sports, and came across the Platypus Water Bottle Display.  I have seen people use these bottles on YouTube for several purposes.  I figured it was time for me to give one of these bottles a shot.  I can see from the YouTube Videos people really like these bottles in the backpacking world, because they fold down to nothing.  The Bottles also weigh nothing when empty.  No weight and taking up no space are two very important qualities for the backpacking community.  Do These bottles have an application for fisherman and hunters alike? Yes!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stirring the Chowdaah/Chowder Pot

      Chowder is the generic name for fish stews, and there are several different types and styles.  Chowder seems to have originated from fisherman who would throw available ingredients into a large pot and cook while they were fishing for the day.  Three types of clam chowder are to be mentioned.  First New England, the king of clam chowders.  Second, Manhattan,  The chowder scorned by New Englanders.  Third, Rhode Island, bet a lot of you did not see that coming.  All three chowders rely on clams and all share common ingredients such as potatoes and bacon grease.   They all have one main ingredient that is different such as: Milk(New England), Tomato(Manhattan), or Clear broth(Rhode Island). The geographical origins of these chowders can be a little misleading.  Personally, I feel the type of clam chowder you prefer is due more to the baseball team you are a fan of more than anything else.  Simply because they all taste great if made with good fresh clams.
     What do I like?  All of them! Bacon grease and clams, whats not to like?  For me it is seasonal.  Now, during the warmer months I prefer my Manhattan clam chowder, because the tomatoes are fresher than in the winter.  I also think the tomato base is a little less thick than the milky New England.  And Yes, i did have a bowl of Manhattan as i watched the Yankee game last night.  During the Winter New England is tops.  Nothing can beat piping hot New England clam chowdaah when hunting Old Squaw or Fishing on the ice.  The fat in the cream sticks to your ribs and keeps you warm for hours.  The all around talent is Rhode Island clam chowder.  This chowder is in a clear broth with a little bit of spice and is good all year.
    Now that i am on the clam kick i am going to make a pot of each of these chowders and post about them.  Where they originated from and how each is prepared.  Get ready for some cool stuff.  I am on vacation all next week.

     What chowders do you guys like?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Lot Can Happen in 4 Hours

 First off i want to say i really enjoyed my time off today.  The last 4 weeks have combined to become one long marathon of work for me.  Having everything go as planned on my day off was great, and as I write I am preparing the spoils for dinner.  I planed a 3 phase trip in an attempt to get in as much as i possibly could.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bugs on the Menu

 Once again weather has kept my boat in the driveway  and off the Sound.  The weather this year has been rather windy.  Now it seems to rain almost every day.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012