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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Very Slow 12 Hours

    The month of August was for the most part a blank moth for me.  I was not able to get out much at all for a multitude of reasons.   My Grandpa passing away was the major reason.  As of late a lot of the family events have come to an end I have finally found some more time to go fishing

     Last night I got together with HVAC Nick, and we hit the surf from 9pm-12am.   Having to wear jackets for the first time was less than pleasing, but it was not bad weather wise.  We fished the incoming tide with a variety of lures.  The only fish of the night came on HVAC Nick's SP Minnow.  I was fishing a Jumpin Minnow slow on top like a needle fish with only a few light hits from small schoolies.   The good news was I did see some bait and the fish Nick caught was a keeper, which he released.

    This morning was not much better.  The plug fishing in shallow blew.  Jan and I worked 6 different spots with nothing to show for it.  We decided to do some bottom fishing, and that was just as bad.  2 hours later I had two Keeper porgies to show for it.  The idea of filling the Yeti cooler I got back in June was completely out of the question.  The only up side was the shallow waters are holding small 12-16 inch schoolies.  Well tomorrow is another day, my birthday.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Show and Tell: A Look at Yeti Coolers


  A few years back, I was  walking through the Cabela's in East Hartford, Connecticut.  As I was strolling through the store I noticed the cooler display area.  At the time I just so happened to be looking for a 35-45 quart marine cooler for my boat.  I have had Igloo in the past so I was pretty set on them at the time.  By chance I noticed the Yeti Coolers on display, and checked them out.  The first point I noticed was the price, how could you not.  The Yeti's were 3-4 times pricier than the Coleman's and Igloo coolers.  I could see the fit and finish, I know I am out of my mind "fit and finish" on a cooler, was top notch.  I also could see Yeti Had much more insulation than the others.  At the end of the day I ended up buying an Igloo Marine based on price and my needs.  Fast forward 2 years and I need a new cooler.