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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just My Luck

Finally!  I was able to get out and go fishing.  Honestly, I have been having one hell of a time trying to find some free time.  It seems  there is always something needing my attention, and taking away from fishing time.  Today was cool and sunny with no wind, and i had a few hours to kill before i went into work.  I was able to fish from 1030-1230 and i just relished getting back to casting a fly rod.  Today's trout outing was the first time i have been hunting trout by myself in a long time.  Over the winter i tied up bead head wooly buggers, hare's ears, and pheasant tails.  Some were the flash back type that i remember having excellent luck with in the past.   I am not that great at tying fresh water flies, but i have been on the vise since 13 and i thought my flies looked good enough to stick stocked trout, but i was wrong, i caught nothing.  I dropped 2 fish on the Hare's Ear Nymph but did not land them.  I am blaming conditions for the failure of the trip.  I did not see any signs of life in the river until i had to leave and go to work.  At this time the stones came off pretty good and the river came alive........  Well number one i was on my way out and number two i have yet to make a few dry flies.  Cash has been tight and i have not been able to get down to my fly shop and get some materials, and i can't wait for my Uncle Sam Check. 
       Snow/Rain is on the way.  I don't know if i will get out tomorrow.  New York's trout season opens Friday.  I have the New York City Water Shed Permit and i hope to get up there if its not under a foot of snow. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Cash Means More FUN!!!!

     My wife happens to be a master at not spending more than she has too.  In no way is she cheap, but she spends wisely, an art i am slowly mastering.  I help out by getting coupons from the paper at work.  He the less my expenses are the more cash we have for ourselves and fly tying stuff.  Here is her method SAVE MONEY.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Got a Camper!

  No, not a pop-up or a Winnebago.  I decided to purchase a Browning Buck Mark Camper .22LR pistol.  My original intent was to buy a Ruger Mark 3; however, i compared the two at Cabela's this afternoon.  The Browning felt perfect in my hand and i could work all the functions of the pistol with my trigger finger and thumb.  The Grip was also a lot nicer.  The Browning also throws the magazine out of the Mag Well while on the Ruger it just falls away.  So with a heavy heart i choose the browning. 
   The Buck Mark has several features.  First it has a magazine disconnect safety, which i think is BS, but it has it.  The disconnect will not allow you to fire the weapon with the Magazine out.  The gun also sports a loaded chamber indicator which i think is a good feature.  A manual safety which can be manipulated with your thumb is located on the left, aft side of the pistol.  Magazine capacity is a generous 10+1.  I can't wait to get out and shoot this bad boy.  With the warmer weather i am sure the Savages will be doing a lot of shooting and fishing. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

It Worked

   The last few days have been on the busy side.  I have however, made time to try my hand at growing sprouts.  I would like to take the time to thank Mr. Foreign Perspective for his insight on trying plain old lentils. 
   I simply soaked the lentils in water over night, rinsed, drained, and placed in the cabinet.  I took about 4 days, but i go them to sprout to the desired size.

After just 24 hours i had sprouts starting.  72-80 hours and they were ready.  Give it a try.