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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Got a Camper!

  No, not a pop-up or a Winnebago.  I decided to purchase a Browning Buck Mark Camper .22LR pistol.  My original intent was to buy a Ruger Mark 3; however, i compared the two at Cabela's this afternoon.  The Browning felt perfect in my hand and i could work all the functions of the pistol with my trigger finger and thumb.  The Grip was also a lot nicer.  The Browning also throws the magazine out of the Mag Well while on the Ruger it just falls away.  So with a heavy heart i choose the browning. 
   The Buck Mark has several features.  First it has a magazine disconnect safety, which i think is BS, but it has it.  The disconnect will not allow you to fire the weapon with the Magazine out.  The gun also sports a loaded chamber indicator which i think is a good feature.  A manual safety which can be manipulated with your thumb is located on the left, aft side of the pistol.  Magazine capacity is a generous 10+1.  I can't wait to get out and shoot this bad boy.  With the warmer weather i am sure the Savages will be doing a lot of shooting and fishing. 


  1. Hey, it's even made in the U.S.A.!

  2. Mr. Smythe, I believe guns are the only thing still manufactured here.

  3. Good looking piece.
    I had a Ruger single six 22. Lots of fun and cheap ammo.

  4. Brk trt, the reason I purchased the gun was because the ammo was cheap, and you will still have lots of fun.

  5. Sharp lookin piece you got there, ill bet its a blast shooting it.