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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Disaster of a Morning

Being I have today off i decided to do some fishing.  Not much out of the ordinary there, but today i was going to hit the salt for the first time.  I do believe I will catch my first bass of the year with in the next week, but it would not be today.  Low tide was at 10am and decided to fish a small tidal pond until low tide. 
   The first blunder of the day was no COFFEE.  From here it kind of went down hill.  I was running a little later than i wanted so i did not turn the pot on.  I figured lots of people go about their daily lives with out coffee so i don't need it, I DO.  The other events that took place were due to the lack of coffee.  The second blunder of the day was i locked myself out of my mom's house when I went to let her dogs out.  Not a big deal but it set me back 5  minutes.  The third blunder of the morning was i left 3 new flies i wanted to test out at home.  Again, not the end of the world.  Lesson of the day was always make coffee!
 Today's conditions sucked.  Last night was cold making the tidal pond water cool.  The wind was cranking out of the south which turned up the water making it look like chocolate milk.  Dis colored water and cold air temps do not bode well for early season fishing.    I did not catch any fish today.  Today is March 28, 2012 the water temps in the sound are 45+.   Even though it is early in the year for fish there is no doubt in my mind that bands of schoolies are roaming open LIS.  I am sure the fishing around the big rivers in Eastern Long Island Sound like the Housatonic and Connecticut rivers is a little better.  I am also sure that fish are also dumping out of the Hudson and i will get a fish any day.  I just need better conditions and to keep work and life out of the way.    

Thursday, March 15, 2012

JAWS and Some Needed Speed

 About a month ago i busted the Jaws on my Renzetti Saltwater Travelers Vise.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

65 Degrees With a Chance of Clams

    Holy Smokes!  Could the Weather have been any better in Connecticut today?  No Way!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some Old Pics

    Last night i fired up my old computer and i found a stash of older pics.  Some of  these Jems go back to 2003.

Mike and I hunting in Oklahoma

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Muddy Boots

    Last night work called me and asked, well begged, for me to come in and work today.  Yeah Right, Not a Chance!