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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some Old Pics

    Last night i fired up my old computer and i found a stash of older pics.  Some of  these Jems go back to 2003.

Mike and I hunting in Oklahoma

Rudy and Mike with a deer

Jan D. with a Candlewood Lake Bass

One of the Raccoons I caught in a trap

Mike and I on a double CT muzzle loader hunt

Myself with a Fair Field County LMB

Jan Ice Fising


  1. I like the turkey pictures. I am going turkey hunting this spring for the first time. I am hoping to get one or two. Any tips?

    1. Ed i assume you are hunting New England which means Eastern Birds. They are the hardest i think to hunt, but the hunts are very rewarding. 1. hunt where the turkeys are because you can't shoot whats not there. 2. don't over call. Let out a few yelps every 10-20 min or so. They can home in on you like you would not believe. 3. Have a good time.

  2. It's nice to look at old pics. The memories they bring back are truly priceless.
    I agree with your turkey tips.

    1. Brk Trt, it was nice to see the old pics once again. And it is hard to give tips on hunting eastern's they are so tough compared to the Rio's.

  3. not a hunter myself but sure do love some fresh game meat on the smoker