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Thursday, November 14, 2013

On The Line


  Recently, I was lucky enough to have 4 mornings off in a row.  Being it was November I decided to go trapping for a few days.  I went on line and purchased a trapping licence and checked the regs.  I have not been trapping in several years so I was very excited.  I dusted off a few traps and called a land owner.  I got the landowners written permission to trap for 4 days.
   I went into the swamp and scouted it out.  I was a little disappointed in the amount of sign I found, but i set some traps anyway.  I found a few areas which were good for muskrats.  I set 2 #110's and 2#120's.  I also set 2 #11DJ long springs in a pockets set for coon.  On the first day checking the gear I was rewarded with a nice Coon in the Pocket set.  The second day I was treated to a muskrat in one of the #110's.  The third day was blank.  On the fourth day I was given a little surprise to find a nice Mink in one of the #120's.  I have never trapped a Mink so this was a first.  They are very cool animals with wedded feet, claws, and sharp teeth.  Alan over at Small Stream Reflections is probably pleased about a few wild trout being saved by taking this swift predator out.   So I did pretty good for not being able to trap every year.  I have not been in several years and I was treated to some nice treasures.   I have to get the mink tagged by the state.  After which I intend to have all three furs sent out to get tanned.

trapping video with mink catch

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Late Post

From August second till October 1 the clam beds were in shut down here in Western Long Island Sound.  So on October 3rd, I made a clam run.  The Video below was never posted.  I forgot about the footage, because I never made it home.  My friend and I left the Dock on seemingly normal day.  The weather was perfect!  It took us a little while to locate some clams but we did.  The events that unfolded from this point on were crazy.
     I guess that afternoon a woman who had problems mentally decided to ram into the white house gate.  In the process she hurt a police officer and was driving really fast all over DC.  The end result was her death.  The bad new was she lived in my building.  While on the way in my wife called me and said she was getting evacuated.  Well we made it through the night and excitement with no problem.  I intended to post the video, but never did.   clam video