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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This Weather Blows

     Since the beginning of  March my two days off, Wednesday and Thursday, have been the worst days of the week, weather wise.  This week seems to be no exception as 2 inches of rain are on the way.  To be honest, I am really getting sick of the current weather pattern.  It seems I just have to get out there and fish through it, which I did today. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring is Here

Got my first bass of the season today. He hit a Clouser.  It felt good to let some fly line rip after lots of roll casting on the trout streams. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Opening Day 2014

Another opening day has come and gone, and we had a good time participating in the event.  Every year has its similarities and differences.  Like always we got to our opening day spot at 530am with only one other car in the area.  The other car belonged to a man and his son who have been fishing the spot on opening day as long as we have.  The weather was also cool like last year.  I wore a jacket and had gloves on.  I quickly grabbed my minnow pail and got to my lucky, opening day, hole.  At 6am I still did not see anyone else drive in except my brother.  My second cast with a live shiner produced a nice keeper size trout.  I got 3 fish out of that hole in the first 30 minutes.  The rest of the day was very slow.  I ended up with a 4th trout which I released.  Jan got 2 and lost a nice rainbow.  My brother and his friend got nothing.  The big difference this year was the lack of fish.  Most years we have limited by 930am.  I talked to other anglers who were also taking a beating, and here are the excuses i heard: we are bad at fishing, unlucky, river to high, river to cold, poaching, mink population explosion, state did not stock, they all got washed down, and my personal favorite the local kids kept them all because they were off from school last week.  Whatever the case may be, opening day was unusually slow.  We also fished a couple of different spots on a couple of different rivers and noticed the same caliber of action.
   Highlight of the trip was making breakfast sandwiches on a cast iron skillet.  Cooking on cast iron makes everything taste better, and after a tough cool morning of trudging through the woods in pursuit of the hatchery trout we needed it.  In the late afternoon, after a needed nap, we got together at my mom's house and had a nice dinner.  We had hamburgers, hot dogs, and a few trout.  So there you have it.  Opening day was what it should be, fun with family and friends.  Yes, the fishing was tough but we enjoyed it.  Here is a quick video Of the first trout of the day.  I spelled morning wrong on the opening credits, but I am not going to change it, so enjoy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Opening Day 2014 Preps

    The Third Saturday in April marks the begging of fishing season for anglers across the state of Connecticut.  The State DEEP has done their part and stocked every river, lake, and pond with lots of hungry, uneducated, hatchery trout.  Once the clock strikes 6 am thousands of hungry anglers will be casting just about every bait under the sun at these fish.  The result is mayhem for the trout, and high fives for the anglers.  It is a morning when families, friends and loved ones come together and enjoy each others company while catching trout.  Some anglers don't share the same enthusiasm for opening day and would like the season to be open year round.  I will admit a year round open season would save these fish from the opening day harvest.  Opening day does make trout fishing seem like shooting rats in a pipe, but I really hope opening day stays with us.
    I can remember being very young in the late 80's and never going trout fishing.  I came from a fishing and hunting family, but we never really went trout fishing.  During my early years Western Long Island Sound was home to really good flounder fishing.  No one ever went trout fishing because they were filling coolers with flounder, mackerel and blackfish.  Today, all of those fish are not really an option, or at least no longer available in large numbers.  I can remember going trout fishing for the first time with my dad on opening day and catching a fish.  I loved the excitement!  I remember not sleeping all night like Christmas eve.  I can remember baiting a hook and casting, my hands being cold, and of course carrying a trout in the house at the end of the morning.  Since then I think I have only missed 2 opening days due to turkey hunting in the free state of Oklahoma.
   I have begun my preparations for opening day savagery.  First, back in January I put in to take April 19th off.  With the day approved I moved on to other items.  I had picked up a spool of 4 pound mono, a 25 pack of Octopus #8 hooks, and new minnow pail, and new waders.  With the rain tonight I will be on the hunt for night crawlers tonight and tomorrow.  My brother is coming along this year and he is going to go get eggs, bacon, cheese, and rolls.  I still have to rig my gear, clean out my Yeti,  get small minnows, and fuel up the jeep.
   I hope everyone gets to go out on opening day in whatever state they reside in.  During my life time opening day has always been the spring kick off and weather we went bass fishing, clamming, flounder fishing, or trout fishing we all got together on the third Saturday in April and had a great time.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Some TMA Action

     I could hear the birds singing when I woke up this morning and figured it was going to be a nice day.  I went through my normal, day off, morning rutine: get dressed, bathroom, walk dog, turn on coffee pot, turn on tv, and make breakfast.  I poured the mornings first cup of coffee and opened the window in the kitchen and the air just felt right.  I am sure some of you know what I am talking about.  Breakfast consisted of two eggs,  two sausages, once slice of toast, and of course the coup off coffee.  Eating with the cool morning air and the sun on me was very pleasant.  I finished eating and walked out to my jeep after a quick shower.

   The ride to the TMA only took about 5 minutes.  Upon my arrival I wasn't surprised to see another angler suiting up.  I got a parking spot and began suiting up myself.  The water is still cold so I swapped out my cotton socks for my wool ones and got moving.  I began the day with a Mickey Finn.  I fished it close to the bank and near rocks and fallen trees, but got no takers.  While I was fishing stoneflies started coming off.  It wasn't long before i could feel them crawling on my face and neck.  I did not, however, see fish eating them.  I was beginning to wonder if there was any fish in the river.  The stoneflies were big too!  I couldn't believe the fish were not going nuts on them.  I needed a change so off wen the Mickey Finn.  I tied on a little #16 Black Hare's Ear with one #6 shot.  I then added the strike indicator about 5 feet above the fly and began fishing.  The first fish of the morning did not come easy at all, but it did come.  I watched the indicator twitch on a good drift and I reeled in a little brown.  The fish was only about 7 inches long but full of energy.  I felt good to get the skunk off my back.  The fishing after the first fish was slow, but i decided to keep plugging away.  I stopped at every little hole I came to for a drift or two with no takers.  At this point I was feeling really good about the one fish I did catch.  I was on my way out when I stopped at one last pool.  On the second drift the strike indicator submerged and the hook set came tight.  It ended up being a nice brown.  I got 2 more fish and decided to head home.
    I loved being out today and will probably try to sneak in a little fishing tomorrow.
Trout Video

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tactical Pens Part 2

 I have used the Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen at work now for 2 weeks.  I have found it to be really cool and useful.  First, the appearance of the pen is awesome.  The construction, machining, and anodizing is great.  I have had several people ask, "what kind of pen is that?  where did you get it?  how much?".   Second, The stylus tip has proved to be an invaluable tool at work.  I have used it on all kinds of touch screens, iPhone, iPad, and kindle.  I was asked by fellow blogger swamp yankee if the pens would work on signing for UPS and FedEX deliveries.  It will not.  Third, the pen uses Parker and Schmitt refills which are easily found at any office supply store, even a CVS.  I did switch out my Medium pen for a Fine refill, because i like to write with a fine.

     I was really happy with the pen because it is very useful and its cool.  I was so happy with it I added a second one to my EDC.   I have had the second one on me for a few days now and I love having it on me.  I know we are in the age of smart phones, but sometimes a lower tech approach is more reliable.
Pen added to my EDC

   If you want a cool, tough, man pen then you should get one of these.  Brad has a bunch of tactical pen reviews on his website so it is worth checking them out by clicking the link above.  If come up with other used or ideas for the pen type I will post it.