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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Some TMA Action

     I could hear the birds singing when I woke up this morning and figured it was going to be a nice day.  I went through my normal, day off, morning rutine: get dressed, bathroom, walk dog, turn on coffee pot, turn on tv, and make breakfast.  I poured the mornings first cup of coffee and opened the window in the kitchen and the air just felt right.  I am sure some of you know what I am talking about.  Breakfast consisted of two eggs,  two sausages, once slice of toast, and of course the coup off coffee.  Eating with the cool morning air and the sun on me was very pleasant.  I finished eating and walked out to my jeep after a quick shower.

   The ride to the TMA only took about 5 minutes.  Upon my arrival I wasn't surprised to see another angler suiting up.  I got a parking spot and began suiting up myself.  The water is still cold so I swapped out my cotton socks for my wool ones and got moving.  I began the day with a Mickey Finn.  I fished it close to the bank and near rocks and fallen trees, but got no takers.  While I was fishing stoneflies started coming off.  It wasn't long before i could feel them crawling on my face and neck.  I did not, however, see fish eating them.  I was beginning to wonder if there was any fish in the river.  The stoneflies were big too!  I couldn't believe the fish were not going nuts on them.  I needed a change so off wen the Mickey Finn.  I tied on a little #16 Black Hare's Ear with one #6 shot.  I then added the strike indicator about 5 feet above the fly and began fishing.  The first fish of the morning did not come easy at all, but it did come.  I watched the indicator twitch on a good drift and I reeled in a little brown.  The fish was only about 7 inches long but full of energy.  I felt good to get the skunk off my back.  The fishing after the first fish was slow, but i decided to keep plugging away.  I stopped at every little hole I came to for a drift or two with no takers.  At this point I was feeling really good about the one fish I did catch.  I was on my way out when I stopped at one last pool.  On the second drift the strike indicator submerged and the hook set came tight.  It ended up being a nice brown.  I got 2 more fish and decided to head home.
    I loved being out today and will probably try to sneak in a little fishing tomorrow.
Trout Video


  1. nice to get out and get a trout under the belt, even a small one

    this is a big weekend for me and hope to get myself a few trouts

  2. Nice outing, a great way to spend your day off.