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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Opening Day 2014 Preps

    The Third Saturday in April marks the begging of fishing season for anglers across the state of Connecticut.  The State DEEP has done their part and stocked every river, lake, and pond with lots of hungry, uneducated, hatchery trout.  Once the clock strikes 6 am thousands of hungry anglers will be casting just about every bait under the sun at these fish.  The result is mayhem for the trout, and high fives for the anglers.  It is a morning when families, friends and loved ones come together and enjoy each others company while catching trout.  Some anglers don't share the same enthusiasm for opening day and would like the season to be open year round.  I will admit a year round open season would save these fish from the opening day harvest.  Opening day does make trout fishing seem like shooting rats in a pipe, but I really hope opening day stays with us.
    I can remember being very young in the late 80's and never going trout fishing.  I came from a fishing and hunting family, but we never really went trout fishing.  During my early years Western Long Island Sound was home to really good flounder fishing.  No one ever went trout fishing because they were filling coolers with flounder, mackerel and blackfish.  Today, all of those fish are not really an option, or at least no longer available in large numbers.  I can remember going trout fishing for the first time with my dad on opening day and catching a fish.  I loved the excitement!  I remember not sleeping all night like Christmas eve.  I can remember baiting a hook and casting, my hands being cold, and of course carrying a trout in the house at the end of the morning.  Since then I think I have only missed 2 opening days due to turkey hunting in the free state of Oklahoma.
   I have begun my preparations for opening day savagery.  First, back in January I put in to take April 19th off.  With the day approved I moved on to other items.  I had picked up a spool of 4 pound mono, a 25 pack of Octopus #8 hooks, and new minnow pail, and new waders.  With the rain tonight I will be on the hunt for night crawlers tonight and tomorrow.  My brother is coming along this year and he is going to go get eggs, bacon, cheese, and rolls.  I still have to rig my gear, clean out my Yeti,  get small minnows, and fuel up the jeep.
   I hope everyone gets to go out on opening day in whatever state they reside in.  During my life time opening day has always been the spring kick off and weather we went bass fishing, clamming, flounder fishing, or trout fishing we all got together on the third Saturday in April and had a great time.


  1. And upon taking a trout for the pan, I hope to see a fine dish prepared with it.
    Have a great time.

  2. spring may finally be in the air

    can't wait to see how you do this spring Savage!