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Monday, February 28, 2011


Like eating sprouts?  Come on, who doesn't.  Recently I was reading up on some new gardening techniques to create the best garden yet.  While i had my head buried in a book i came across the step by step directions for sprouting your own seeds.  Its very simple and doesn't take much time.
   You will need a mason jar, metal band, hardware cloth, and some seeds.  I think it is important to note that seeds for sprouting are different because they have not been treated with anything.  Simply wash the seeds off thoroughly and add 1 half cup to the mason jar.  Cut the hardware cloth to fit over the mouth and screw on the band.  Fill the jar with water and soak over night.  Then drain the water and rinse the seeds and drain again then place the jar up side down in a bowl.  Keep in a cabinet.  Then next day rinse and drain again.  The next day the sprouts should be busting the jar open and you are ready to eat.  Alfalfa and mung beans seem to be the most popular.  The other night i purchased a lid with a screen in it for 5 bucks on e-bay. Can't wait to try it.  Has any one else do this???

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Book Report

  As a youngster, i did not want to read that much.  I felt my brain worked to fast for the time it took to read, and information could be absorbed much faster by watching.  Now an adult, I read as much as i can and Amazon loves me.  I will read anything about the outdoors from camping, shooting, fly fishing, trapping, and probably your blog.  Recently I saw a book online and i had to order it. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Have Been Taken a Beating

   Last week i saw that the weather forecast for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday was going to be fantastic.  I put in to take Wednesday and Thursday off from work to have some fun in the great outdoors.  Yesterday i went ice fishing.   No wind, warmer temps, and sunshine made it a great day to be on the ice; however, the fish did not feel the same way and i got skunked.  Its been a while since an ice skunking, but it happens.  Today, i went out to redeem myself.  Where i live on the coast, most of the snow has burned off and only the big Glacier piles left by snow plows remain.  I figured it was going to be a great day to do some small game hunting since all the squirrels will be out looking for nuts and what not.  I was very wrong.  Another skunking.  I had one squirrel looking at me through a hole in a tree but he would not come out.  It just seemed  a little excessive to cut down a big ancient oak to get a squirrel, so i passed.  Surely i could redeem my self this afternoon.  Nope, Not a chance!  I went clamming, and we got ZERO CLAMS.  I did find a big pile of oysters, but i don't like them.  The only upside was i purchased some fresh Cream from a farm  to make some butter with.  I hope things look up soon. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

At the Bench

Today i took a nice ride down to my local fly shop, The Complete Angler.  I needed to purchase some materials allowing me to craft some basic aquatic insects.  Scott, was very helpful in the shop and set me up with a hare's mask, thread, beads, hooks, and a few other items.  The store has moved, but is still located in the same parking lot, on the Post Road in Darien, CT.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Come Back

   Last spring i was able to go trout fishing with a buddy and i had a great time.  I have been trout fishing many times before and most of my trout fishing was with a fly rod.  I have however, been absent from the river banks for a good 6 years.  Last years trip was a great opportunity to start thinking about making a come back!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2/2/11, 218 Part 2

   Before i get started i first want to address Three issues.  First, the past few weeks have been tough on me since we have been hammered with snow, ice, and rain.  Its not a cop-out, but i have been working a few midnight shifts and my sleep is all screwed up.  I was hoping to have some yellow perch fillets but i was unable to get out.  Then the rain shut down the clam beds so there will be no R.I. Clam Chowder.  I had to think deep to get this done, and i believe i did.  Second, the current installment of the 218 project is a 2 part read.  Nothing was taken recently but the first part was picked in the garden and the second part was shot by Angry Mike.  Third i wanted to throw a gear review and comparison at you.  Enjoy. 

But it's a Dry Heat!

Don't worry i have a great 218 part 2 coming later tonight, but i wanted to take a minute to report the current weather conditions.  Last night the ice started and never stopped.  Everything; streets, cars, sidewalks, and overhead wires are coated in a thick crust of ice.  My wife's car was completely iced up.  I had to chop my way in and let the car run for 45 minutes to melt the ice off.   The ice even made completing a simple task like walking penny an utter nightmare!  The roads???  Glad you asked.  Since all the catch basins are plugged with ice the roads are flooded nicely making going to the store look like a scene from The Day After Tomorrow.  Just check out some of the pics i took and stay tuned for the next 218 which will be up later tonight.