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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

But it's a Dry Heat!

Don't worry i have a great 218 part 2 coming later tonight, but i wanted to take a minute to report the current weather conditions.  Last night the ice started and never stopped.  Everything; streets, cars, sidewalks, and overhead wires are coated in a thick crust of ice.  My wife's car was completely iced up.  I had to chop my way in and let the car run for 45 minutes to melt the ice off.   The ice even made completing a simple task like walking penny an utter nightmare!  The roads???  Glad you asked.  Since all the catch basins are plugged with ice the roads are flooded nicely making going to the store look like a scene from The Day After Tomorrow.  Just check out some of the pics i took and stay tuned for the next 218 which will be up later tonight. 

1 comment:

  1. Ha dry heat. Wiseass! I'm glad I shoveled my roof this weekend. I'd hate to wake up with a new skylight and a bedfull of snow, ice, rafters, and shingles.