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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

218 part 1

What is 218?  Glad you asked.  218 is actually the dates 2 and 18.  I plan to start  new segment of my blog that will be published on the 2nd, and 18th of each month and will run for the rest of the 2011 calendar year.  The theme of the segment is cooking what you hook, pick, or shoot.  I  will be preparing food based on their availability, so seasonal items will be a major part of the project.

   I decided to run a cooking segment for several reasons.  First, My wife and i put in a new kitchen this past fall and i have been cooking up a lot of goodies since.  I am sure a lot of creatures that would have been allowed to pass or released have fallen prey to my new kitchen, sorry guys.  Second, It will give me one or excuse to go out and gather some eats.  I have to do this twice a month and i accept the challenge of bringing home the Bacon.  Third, I would like to share some of the recipes i like.  Finally, The entertainment value will be great.  I will be cooking everything from trout to clams to deer.  Enjoy.

Part 1

Trout from the Ice.
    Last Sunday several friends and i went ice fishing.  Two of them, Joe and ED, were new to ice fishing and i am happy to tell you they each caught a bunch of fish.  Trout happened to be the fish of the day with several being cranked through the holes.  I wanted to keep a few to try this.

What you need. 
1 green pepper
some asparagus
1 tomato
Salt and Pepper
Tin Foil

   Clean your trout by cutting from the vent hole forward to the gills.  Then remove the head and take all the insides out.  Wash the trout off in cold water.  If you are going to store the fish for a few days then place them in a zip lock bag and remove the air.  Keep in the refrigerator and not the deep freeze.  I find  freezing fish takes away a lot of the flavor and freshness.  Eat the fish fresh!   Now that you are ready to eat pull out some tinfoil and make a nice deep boat.  Spray the bottom inside of the boat with a little Pam.  Place the trout in the boat.  Chop up the green pepper, tomato, shallot, and asparagus.   Stuff as much into the cavities as you can and pile the left overs on top of the trout.  Sprinkle on some Rosemary and salt and pepper.  Now Cover the Boat and throw it in the oven at 375 for 15-20 minutes or run your grill to 375 for 15-20 minutes.  There you are ready to eat.

    Simply place the trout on a plate and shovel some of the tomato, shallots, and asparagus on top.  After 20 minutes at 375 the veggies should be soft and limp and the fish cooked.  For those of you who have never eaten a trout it may be tricky.  Peal the skin off.  Then with a fork pull the meat in the direction of the bone.  The meat should slide right off with no bones.  Once you pull a hunt of meat off look at the section of skeleton you exposed for missing bones.  If you see bones missing its probably located in the meat you just pulled off.  Enjoy, I just cooked this with 3 trout and it came out great. 


  1. Savage,
    Your talking the stuff I love to hear.
    Great recipe.

  2. Very cool concept for future blogs and I like your site. I am passing through looking for ideas because I just started an hunting and fishing blog. Feel free to stop by and see a newbie site if you would like a chuckle! I will be adding your blog to my list to watch! I need more ideas for great cooking.


  3. Excellent concept. I can't wait for them.

  4. sounds yummy, like my foil pack recipe for fish, kinda like steaming