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Monday, February 28, 2011


Like eating sprouts?  Come on, who doesn't.  Recently I was reading up on some new gardening techniques to create the best garden yet.  While i had my head buried in a book i came across the step by step directions for sprouting your own seeds.  Its very simple and doesn't take much time.
   You will need a mason jar, metal band, hardware cloth, and some seeds.  I think it is important to note that seeds for sprouting are different because they have not been treated with anything.  Simply wash the seeds off thoroughly and add 1 half cup to the mason jar.  Cut the hardware cloth to fit over the mouth and screw on the band.  Fill the jar with water and soak over night.  Then drain the water and rinse the seeds and drain again then place the jar up side down in a bowl.  Keep in a cabinet.  Then next day rinse and drain again.  The next day the sprouts should be busting the jar open and you are ready to eat.  Alfalfa and mung beans seem to be the most popular.  The other night i purchased a lid with a screen in it for 5 bucks on e-bay. Can't wait to try it.  Has any one else do this???

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  1. I've had great luck the last two weeks using simply green lentils out of the bag. I don't think specially sold sprouting seeds are necessary. I'm gonna try white beans this week. I've got some pictures over at my blog: