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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Book Report

  As a youngster, i did not want to read that much.  I felt my brain worked to fast for the time it took to read, and information could be absorbed much faster by watching.  Now an adult, I read as much as i can and Amazon loves me.  I will read anything about the outdoors from camping, shooting, fly fishing, trapping, and probably your blog.  Recently I saw a book online and i had to order it. 

      Foraging New England by Tom Seymour, happens to be a great read.  The book contains 178 pages and 87 color photos.  Descriptions of the plants, preferred habitat, and time of harvest are also included in this guide.  Mr. Seymour also goes the extra mile and explains how to prepare your finds and persevere in some cases.  Each edible plant follows an easy to read template, and pictures.  In addition to plants Seymour also tells the reader how to collect frogs, snails, and clams. 

    Foraging New England belongs in your outdoor library if you like being in the outdoors.  I for one, am excited to try some of the wild edibles that i would normally throw out after ripping it from the garden, or preparing spring river trout with a side of tender Dock leaves.  Even though my life is over run with responsibility it feels great to pick up a book full of useful info.


  1. that's weird, I just looked at that book Thursday when I was at the DEP store. Good read!

  2. Mike, I strongly recommend getting this book. Being an avid hiker i am sure you would be able to cut going to the grocery store.

  3. I ordered this from Amazon last night, along with The Gardener's A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food. Hoping for a good garden year, and if I can fill my freezer with venison and pick wild edibles, I should be all set to tell The Man to shove it.

    If only it weren't for the mortgage...

  4. Savage, check out this blog...all about foraging for wild plants in CT.