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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Have Been Taken a Beating

   Last week i saw that the weather forecast for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday was going to be fantastic.  I put in to take Wednesday and Thursday off from work to have some fun in the great outdoors.  Yesterday i went ice fishing.   No wind, warmer temps, and sunshine made it a great day to be on the ice; however, the fish did not feel the same way and i got skunked.  Its been a while since an ice skunking, but it happens.  Today, i went out to redeem myself.  Where i live on the coast, most of the snow has burned off and only the big Glacier piles left by snow plows remain.  I figured it was going to be a great day to do some small game hunting since all the squirrels will be out looking for nuts and what not.  I was very wrong.  Another skunking.  I had one squirrel looking at me through a hole in a tree but he would not come out.  It just seemed  a little excessive to cut down a big ancient oak to get a squirrel, so i passed.  Surely i could redeem my self this afternoon.  Nope, Not a chance!  I went clamming, and we got ZERO CLAMS.  I did find a big pile of oysters, but i don't like them.  The only upside was i purchased some fresh Cream from a farm  to make some butter with.  I hope things look up soon. 


  1. They will. Put in the time and it always comes back around...

  2. Feelin' your pain. I went out squirrelin' twice this month and haven't seen a single one.

  3. As for the squirrels i believe the problem is the 2 feet of snow still on the ground. Ice fishing, well it happens.

  4. If you were playing baseball........ well.
    Clamming, I'll bet you have a great chowder or pasta recipe for those shelled beauties