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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Come Back

   Last spring i was able to go trout fishing with a buddy and i had a great time.  I have been trout fishing many times before and most of my trout fishing was with a fly rod.  I have however, been absent from the river banks for a good 6 years.  Last years trip was a great opportunity to start thinking about making a come back!

    Winter is still raging outside, and i for one have a major case of cabin fever.  I really think it is a top secret CIA conspiracy that i have to shovel, chip ice, and shovel some more on every day off i have.  In the short future the longer days will become warmer, and spring will slowly come around.  I do know stone flies come off early and i love fishing those mid day hatches in March.  Here is the challenge I am undertaking.  I have been tying my own saltwater flies since i was introduced to fly fishing when i was 13.  Since then i have probably purchased under a dozen saltwater flies, and tied the rest.  Freshwater fishing is another story with most of the flies being purchased and none tied.  I am setting out to tie all my freshwater flies this year.  I will not be fishing store purchased flies, but will fish flies made from fishing buddies, yeah i know it is a fine line.  I understand basic fly construction and techniques, but i am worried about the size.  Check this pick out.
The above picture is a Tiemco 811s 1.  1's and 1/0's i think are the two hooks i tie the most on so you can see the size 12 Tiemco 376really tinny is really crazy small and this is why i am thinking the project may turn into a tying disaster.
  I have been very happy with the Simms bag i picked up last year, so i decided to get another just for trout fishing.  I picked out the Simms Sling Pack and i think it will work out great.  The pack has a ton of space, and not one inch of it was wasted.  I have come to expect well thought out products from Simms.  I have plenty of room for Frogs Fanny, nippers, fly box, tippet material, bug spray, camera, forceps, and my .38 for bad guys living in a van down by the river. 

     I am looking forward to crafting a bunch of nymphs and streamers in the next few weeks.  I will make updates on the mission as they come.

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  1. Good luck, whipping up some flies are great for passing some time when its cold outside