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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tactical Pens Part 2

 I have used the Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen at work now for 2 weeks.  I have found it to be really cool and useful.  First, the appearance of the pen is awesome.  The construction, machining, and anodizing is great.  I have had several people ask, "what kind of pen is that?  where did you get it?  how much?".   Second, The stylus tip has proved to be an invaluable tool at work.  I have used it on all kinds of touch screens, iPhone, iPad, and kindle.  I was asked by fellow blogger swamp yankee if the pens would work on signing for UPS and FedEX deliveries.  It will not.  Third, the pen uses Parker and Schmitt refills which are easily found at any office supply store, even a CVS.  I did switch out my Medium pen for a Fine refill, because i like to write with a fine.

     I was really happy with the pen because it is very useful and its cool.  I was so happy with it I added a second one to my EDC.   I have had the second one on me for a few days now and I love having it on me.  I know we are in the age of smart phones, but sometimes a lower tech approach is more reliable.
Pen added to my EDC

   If you want a cool, tough, man pen then you should get one of these.  Brad has a bunch of tactical pen reviews on his website so it is worth checking them out by clicking the link above.  If come up with other used or ideas for the pen type I will post it.

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  1. Thanks for the pen info. Use Cross (brand) set every day, for 30 years, but they don't fix or make a pencil anymore. P.S.- Late or after hours, 3rd party couriers will steal your pen every time...