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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This Weather Blows

     Since the beginning of  March my two days off, Wednesday and Thursday, have been the worst days of the week, weather wise.  This week seems to be no exception as 2 inches of rain are on the way.  To be honest, I am really getting sick of the current weather pattern.  It seems I just have to get out there and fish through it, which I did today. 

   Streamers were fishing really well.  My guess is the area got visit from the hatchery truck in the last few days.  Top fly was a white Marabou streamer, but the old Mickey Finn was a close second.  
   I did get a few fish on nymphs as well, but the action was not as hot and heavy as the streamer fishing.  I did get a nice Tiger trout which I retained for lunch.  On my way out I did some exploring and found a few ramps growing.  
      After being out in the weather today for a few hours I got home and cooked my trout.  I just baked him with some spinach and a chopped up ramp.  The fresh fish hit the spot.  I also made a hot cup of coffee. 

    Despite the sub-par weather today, it was a pretty good fishing day.  I beat the heavy rain by about an hour, and I got a bunch of hungry hatchery fish.  As I am writing this post it is raining harder out, and I am sure the rivers will be up by tomorrow morning.  So I am sitting inside enjoying the last of my coffee trying to plan my next outing.  I can only hope the weather improves during my two days off, so I can do some exploring.  

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  1. This time of year the weather can alter our plans.
    Your effort paid off. Nice dish.