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Thursday, March 15, 2012

JAWS and Some Needed Speed

 About a month ago i busted the Jaws on my Renzetti Saltwater Travelers Vise.
I guess this set me back a little in my tying pursuits, but at the time i was working a lot and could not get over to my local fly shop, The Complete Angler.  Today I got the phone call about the arrival of the replacement jaws.  I ran up to the shop and picked up my vise jaws.  I am now a happy camper.  I am way behind and the weather is way ahead.  I need to get on the vise right now and fill up my boxes for the up coming season.  During yesterday's clamming mission Jan and I noticed the water temperature was between 44-48 degrees.  Normally in March the water is around 40.  If you are a Striper fisherman you know that 45 is the threshold of what the bass can tolerate and be active.  I sincerely think i will get the first bass of the year in the next two weeks. 
   Now for the Speed part of this post.  During the 70's Colt and Smith and Wesson dominated the market when it came to revolvers.  Mr. Ruger decided to enter the service revolver market with the Six series.  The guns were the Speed Six, Security Six, and the Service Six.  Most were chambered in .357 and .38 special.  I had the opportunity to buy a Speed Six from a co-worker.  I am pleased to say this beautiful stainless Speed Six .357 has a new home.  I will make a more complete post on this soon, but this revolver is bad ass!

The Speed Six

Made in Connecticut


  1. Happy to see you back in action, as far as fly tying.
    Rugers and S&W's are two revolvers I've had for years. They are great guns.

    1. I wanted the Ruger mainly because it was made in Connecticut only a few miles from where i live.

  2. Looking forward to an update on the latest Speed Six test.

    1. I have a lot of pistol testing to do, That's not a problem, but i have a lot of shooting to do.