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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just My Luck

Finally!  I was able to get out and go fishing.  Honestly, I have been having one hell of a time trying to find some free time.  It seems  there is always something needing my attention, and taking away from fishing time.  Today was cool and sunny with no wind, and i had a few hours to kill before i went into work.  I was able to fish from 1030-1230 and i just relished getting back to casting a fly rod.  Today's trout outing was the first time i have been hunting trout by myself in a long time.  Over the winter i tied up bead head wooly buggers, hare's ears, and pheasant tails.  Some were the flash back type that i remember having excellent luck with in the past.   I am not that great at tying fresh water flies, but i have been on the vise since 13 and i thought my flies looked good enough to stick stocked trout, but i was wrong, i caught nothing.  I dropped 2 fish on the Hare's Ear Nymph but did not land them.  I am blaming conditions for the failure of the trip.  I did not see any signs of life in the river until i had to leave and go to work.  At this time the stones came off pretty good and the river came alive........  Well number one i was on my way out and number two i have yet to make a few dry flies.  Cash has been tight and i have not been able to get down to my fly shop and get some materials, and i can't wait for my Uncle Sam Check. 
       Snow/Rain is on the way.  I don't know if i will get out tomorrow.  New York's trout season opens Friday.  I have the New York City Water Shed Permit and i hope to get up there if its not under a foot of snow. 


  1. You had a good day friend, even if no fish came to hand. I'm not to happy about the weather as forecast for the next few days.

  2. Way to get out and give it a go. I've been skunked on my last two outings, which have been short and late int he day so I need to get some hours on the water myself. Hang in there.