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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Warm temps and overcasts skies pulled me to the local TMA this morning.  I wish this was a month later because i would have hit the beach for Bass, but fishing is fishing.  I tied up some Black Flash Back Hair's Ears and i wanted to deploy them.  I was stream side by 1030 and with in a few slick drifts I watched the indicator go down and a nice Brown came to the bank.  The lucky trout has the distinction of being one of the first trout i have slayed on my own fly.  After i moved to another pool and was able to yank another trout out of the river on the same fly, good thing i tied more than one.  Unfortunately, at this point the weather took a dump, and i deiced to head back to the truck.  I did change flies to a nice White Calf Tail Streamer, and as i worked my way back i hit one more pool.  On the second cast, in the pouring rain I hooked a trout, however, he twisted free like a Mackerel.  As i prepared to roll another cast i watched the first lightning bolt of the year followed by a clap of thunder and a low flying airliner, in that order, WTF......   I have some nice Grundens rain gear, but they have yet to manufacture protection from lightning and air crashes, so i made my way back to the truck.  I am very happy that i was able to get some trout in the little time i had before work.  

Check it out.  In the pic of the trout there is a spoon in the sand below his jaw.  I got a trout, and a Free lure!!!  SCORE!!!!


  1. way to go on your first fish on a fly you tied. I sure would have like to see the smile on your face for this event.

    I have a whole 3 hours on the TMA over the last few weeks and missed two fish and landed NONE so be happy.

    Great job!

  2. Oh he's happy allright. I can see the smile.

    Well done

  3. I think the reason i fly fish is because i really enjoy creating my flies. My freshwater flies need some work. I plan to get a magnifier for the dry fly stuff.