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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New York Fishing!

    The recent expansion of my fly fishing addiction has pointed me north to the state of New York.  I live in CT but New York is only a 4 mile drive, so it makes since to  purchase a licence and obtain a free New York City Water Shed permit.  I was able to get a smoking deal on A Fly Fisher's Guide to New York through Amazon(where else).  I would recommend this book to anyone setting out to slay trout in New York waters from Buffalo to Long Island.  Access is listed along with great maps and hatch charts!  What more could you ask for in a starting point.  I am very excited to get in on the New York trout fishing.  There is so much just 5 minutes from my house. 


  1. I fish CT, PA and NJ but want to add MA and NY to that list. I haven't fished NY since my steelhead days back about 12-15 years ago.

    Good luck and can't wait to read the reports.

  2. Fishing NY seems like a really good idea since it is closer to me than a lot of CT's trout rivers. You can hunt on Sunday in NY too!