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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Recently the good folks at Ruger have done there home work.  Ruger has come out with a nice line of compact carry pistols in the last few years.  They introduced the little .380 first and have added a 9x19 and .357 magnum to the line up.  For me, I felt the need to have a simple revolver for night time walks with the dog and in the house.  There are bad guys out there.  I hope never to cross paths with one, statistically i won't, but I want to be prepared.  After looking a several different 5 shot compact revolvers i chose the Ruger LCR in .357 magnum.  I chose the magnum model, because i can shoot .38spl, .38spl+P, and .357 magnum out of it.  Seems like it is a little more versatile than the regular .38.
    The gun is 17 ounces and has a capacity of 5 rounds.  I personally feel i am not going to need more than 5 shots for self defense, so capacity is not an issue.   Trigger pull is outstanding!  Yes, it is heavy like most double action revolvers; however, the LCR trigger has no creep.  That's right, the trigger on this pistol is silky smooth.  The Houge grips are great, allowing  your hand to stick to the gun.  Good grips will be great  when firing .38+p's or all out .357 magnums.  For now i have it loaded up with .38+p's because that is what i had on hand.    I will bring the gun out soon to see what it can do at the range.   


  1. Ruger really did put out a winner. I think this will be a hand full with .357 mags, but should be great with .38+p's.