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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just a Note

   Yesterday the opportunity came up to fish a TMA in CT that i have never fished before.  My buddy Michael(michaelsw) from www.ctfisherman.com and i were eager to get out and enjoy a nice day of fishing.  I picked up two rainbows early on a nymph.  Around 9:30am small bugs started to hatch off.  Thanks to BrkTrt for recommending the New England Hatch guide to me.  I had it stream side in an effort to learn the bug life cycles as i fish.  I was able to catch one of the flies and identify it as a Caddis.  I don't have any dry flies that look like a caddis, but i did toss a #18 Caddis larva that i tied out.  I put the hammer down!  Most all the fish came as i lifted the little bead head off the bottom.  My buddy Michael was able to catch some on a small jig and swim baits.  I am just thrilled to put two and two together and have something work.  I will apologize about the lack of pics.  I forgot to put the memory card back in the camera.  I am really having fun with the trout attack. 
    It seems that each River has its own types of life, a unique finger print if you will.  The Minaus is loaded with small minnows and black stone flies.  The Mill river seemed to be full of Caddis.  The Norwalk has lots of different mayflies. 

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  1. Way to give them heck. Sounds like you and Michael had a good day.

    Thanks for sharing.
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