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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Season Opens! Opening Day Savagery!

Every Year, on the Third Saturday in April trout season opens in CT.  As a youngster the opening day event was a right of passage.
  Every year about 10 of us would lay siege to a local river and terrorize the inhabitants.  I have so many fond memories of the opening day.  Like the time one of us did not tie the stringer off good and the entire stringer of fish swam away, or the time some one was accused of switching a fish in our pool contest, and of course catching lots of fish.    As the years rolled on some of us lost interest, moved away, or grew up.  I am happy to say i never lost interest in fishing, but have been on a saltwater binge the last few years.

      I picked Jan D. up around 5 and we drove the half hour to our traditional spot.  We parked the car, suited up, and walked down to the river in the dark.   The weather was cold, cloudy, and damp.  I felt the water and it was like ice.  I expected this due to the cold spring we are having, but i was hoping for better.  Shortly after 6am i made my first roll cast with  white streamer.  In that first hour i caught 1 fish, and dropped a few others.  Jan, had nothing in his Little pool.  After a short coffee break to warm us up we regrouped and hit the river again.  This time i was rigged up with a nymph and strike indicator.  Jan threw on a wet fly.  We proceeded to catch a few fish and before it was all said and done with i ended up with 3 and Jan caught 4. 
    Now here is this year's opening day memory.  Shortly before we broke and had coffee i noticed my feet hurt and were cold.  I have never had this happen before.  Yup!  In my haste to suit up and get my spot down at the river i put the wrong wadding shoe on the wrong foot.  Boy did i feel like and idiot changing shoes on the river.  Jan asked what was wrong and i told him that i had a rock in my boot.  Which i thought was a good cover.  I guess next time i will turn on a flash light when i suit up in the dark. 
   Not the best opening day, but a productive one none the less, and i am just grateful to get out with a friend and enjoy a nice cold morning of fishing. I hope all my other CT readers were able to head down to their local river and enjoy opening day. 


  1. Im glad you have never lost the fishing bug, get your trout on!

  2. Congrats on your Opening Day success. Of course, less the frustration of sore feet! Definitely a memory that won't go away.

  3. Nice one Savage. I spent the weekend on the Cape but hopefully I'll get on a few trout soon.

  4. Mel, the boot thing was dumb. Blake, i hope the weather gets a little warmer so i can get out more. Mike, we should get some fishing in soon.

  5. I was in the turkey woods with my daughter fighting the cold and wind and was thinking what a good day NOT to be on the water it was. Way to get out there. I'll have my own opening day in a another week or so.

    Thanks for sharing.

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