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Saturday, April 23, 2011

An Ugly Morning


       High winds, heavy rains, cool temps, and raging rivers have kept anglers at home recently.
  Yesterday the rivers seemed to have come down to a healthy level, but we decided to try our luck in the salt.  Jan was able too hook up with the first fish of the spring, but was unable to land it for a pic.  Not bad for a cold spring morning.  Today we decided to try our luck at the trout again.  I thought going earlier was the best thing to do, because of the rain.  I figured going in the afternoon would only allow the rivers to come up to un-fishable levels.  After a cup of hot coffee and a bowl of cereal i picked Jan up and we headed to a local river.  The water had already come up, but we were prepared for such conditions.  Fishing was pretty good!  We caught a bunch of fish on streamers and nymphs.  Jan was using a wooly bugger and i chucked a fluffy white marabou streamer.  Later i switched off to a green caddis larvae, and i am happy to report that the caddis fished very well!  In all it was an ugly morning New England morning complete with rain, cool temps, and a bunch of trout.  Its going to take some time to dry my tackle bag and fly box out.  FUN is the one word i would use to describe this morning's adventure.   Between the trout and the first bass making their way out of the Hudson i am confidant the savagery will be in full swing next week!  Happy Easter.

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  1. A day without sunshine is usually a day of good catching, But not always a good day of fishing.