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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fresh out of the Hudson

    The past week has left me feeling rejuvinated to say the least.  Warm, muggy, summer like weather has been the rule for south western CT the past few days, and you bet i took full advantage of it.  The down side of course is that work has picked up and i have been scoring some overtime shifts, because the money will not hurt.  Lets back track to Last Friday, April 22.  I got out of work at 7am and met Jan D down at the local salt pond.  The air temp was in the mid 30's and we had a nice NW wind on our necks, hardly bassey weather.  It was important to me, however, to get out and get some trigger time on my 8wt.  It took a few casts since I have been roll casting a little 4wt for the past month, but i shook the cob-webs off in not time.  It felt so good to let those first double hauls go.  The water felt cold and i was not seeing any signs of life, but Jan did catch a fish!  So there, the first bass of the season was at hand!  I fished Saturday in the rain and we slayed the trout.  Monday i got nothing in the salt again.  For the past 16 years i have taken the first bass of the year in the month of April, and i was going to stop at nothing to keep it going.


        I figured i had a few hours to wet a line before i went into work, so off to the tidal pond i went.  The weather muggy and humid, Bassey.  The water now felt warm coming out of the pond and my outlook on the adventure changed in a heart beat.  The first 5 casts resulted in 2 missed fish, 1 follower, and MY FIRST BASS OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  Thanks to communication technology i was able to call Jan in like walking artillery into an enemy out post.  He arrived in minutes and we slayed a bunch of bass together.  I don't think i could have had a better day.

     The days are longer, the temps are warmer, the birds start singing at 3am.  .  Go Fishing, gardening, hiking, turkey hunting, shooting, camping, or relax outside, but get out and enjoy spring in all her glory!


  1. Wantin' some striper action badly, my friend. James River has been at flood stage for dang near a month...

  2. Southern Renaissance Man, These fish i believe are fresh out of the Hudson. Our rivers are very high and cold, which is why we have been off to a slow start.

  3. Very nice Savage, switchin gears!

  4. looks like you had a blast!! You got a new follower