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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Some Time on the River

I decided today I would be better off going trout fishing since the wind was blowing East and it was raining.  Time on the boat would have been a little dicey and the fishing probably sub-par.  Jan and I drove down to the local TMA and put the hammer down.  I found that Hare's ear nymphs turned the trick.  We got a bunch of fish and had a great time.  Along the way i picked a few Ramps that i found.   I took my limit of 2 fish over 9 inches to have dinner.  I stuffed them with peppers, spinach, parsley, and a little lemon.

cleaned trout and ramps

cleaning the ramps


  1. A local gourmet. Now that's fresh.

  2. The trout were stocked and tasted fair. The Ramps were strong! the way God intended them to be.

  3. im a sucker for trout on a nymph, could be some of my favorite fishing. sounds like a wonderful meal savage