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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Platypus Soft Bottle

Recently, I was shopping at my local Eastern Mountain Sports, and came across the Platypus Water Bottle Display.  I have seen people use these bottles on YouTube for several purposes.  I figured it was time for me to give one of these bottles a shot.  I can see from the YouTube Videos people really like these bottles in the backpacking world, because they fold down to nothing.  The Bottles also weigh nothing when empty.  No weight and taking up no space are two very important qualities for the backpacking community.  Do These bottles have an application for fisherman and hunters alike? Yes!

     The bottle i decided to buy was the .5 litter model.  I figured the half litter size was a good starting point since i will be using it on the boat and day hikes where i will not need to carry 1+liters with me.  I also did not want to carry a lot of water since it is heavy, 8.34pounds per gallon.  The price at EMS was $7.95 and the color of the bottle was clear and grey.  Platypus guarantees "clean taste" out of their bottles.  Which is good since drinking from a plastic water bottle with the plastic taste in the summer does tend to suck. BPA Free?  Yest it is.  Whats BPA?  I had to do a little research put BPA is Bisphenol A which is a resin that makes plastics.  It is used in many of the plastics I have in my house today, except the platypus bottle.  Best of all it is MADE IN THE USA!
     What did I like about the bottle?  First, let me begin by saying "versatility is the Platypus bottle's greatest attribute".  The bottle can be stowed away anywhere when not in use; pockets, back packs, under the car seat, in the tackle box, anywhere else.  You will also notice the water flows right at you when drinking.  As you use water the bottle collapses forcing more water out.  Durability is another feature of the bottle.  I would not say it is bullet proof but i wouldn't baby it either.  Just keep it away from sharp knives and fires.  I also found the bottle was easy to fill and they cap made a good tight seal.
    What didn't I like?  What ever temperature the air is the water in the bottle is.  If you think you are going to have a nice cold drink on a hot summer day this may not be the bottle for you.  I think the bottle will suffer from freezing in the winter.  I think the bottle is durable but i can see it is prone to punctures and heat.
   I think if you are and outdoors person and you have the need for an expandable water system and can pack down small when not in use then the Platypus bottle is for you.


  1. I'll have to check this one out.
    Rock hopping and bushwhacking small streams you need lots of hydration.