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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Keeping your Friend Cool

Penny, my dog loves to go out on the boat.  Recently due to the heat of summer i have been keeping her in.
  I know i am not the only one that loves to have man's best friend come along on a fishing trip.  During the summer you must take some precautions to keep you pal happy and healthy.
     1.  Old and young dogs are not tough like a 4 year old dog.
     2.  Limit your dogs outings to the mornings, because during the morning hours temperature will be at its coolest.
     3.  Construct a simple shelter where your dog can lay down out of the sun.  Make sure this area has good air flow.

     4.  Bring cold water along for your dog.  Dogs do not have sweat pours so their cooling system is not as good as ours.  A cold water in a bowl will help them out a lot.
    5.  Let your dog swim.  In saltwater avoid areas where there is fast tides and boat traffic.  Make sure your dog can get back on board.  You should also wash your dog with fresh water to get the salt off.
    6.  Don't stay out late in the morning.  During the summer the air temps heat up fast.

   Remember your dog can not take the heat like you, because they are wearing a winter coat.  Monitor your dog for signs of stress, and when they appear is time to head in and cool them off.  You should also consider other threats to your dogs health while on the water.  Your boat should be clean of loose hooks, bait, fluids, and broken glass.  A happy dog is essential to a great day on the water.

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  1. A fine friend you have there.

    Your thoughts on keeping them cool are right on.


    Brk Trt