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Thursday, July 1, 2010


I know some of you have been waiting for a post dealing with saltwater fly fishing gear, and i am working on it.  There is a lot to cover and i am trying to make it  easy to understand  with pics and everything, so it will be out soon.
  In the mean time, I have been working a wildlife job under my NWCO licence.  Wood chucks, most of the time, are animals that don't cause much damage; however, every now and then their tunnels undermine property and they must be stopped.
As this job goes the property owner gave me the green light to do what ever it took to get the Chuck undermining her patio.  Upon the initial  inspection i found three holes in the net work of tunnels.  The main hole undermined the patio and came out under the porch.  The burrow was very big and went straight in like an endless pit.  I was very pleased with the catch.  It was a very difficult set, because it was under an enclosed porch that was only 1 foot high, so i had to belly up and get in there.
  It sucks, breathing through a respirator in 90 degree heat setting a body grip trap.
   The first afternoon back i placed new bait in the cage trap out side.  I then crawled under the porch to see if any one tried to enter or leave the den.  Sure enough, i caught a chuck trying to enter the burrow.  Now came the hard work of getting under there to removing  the chuck, not to mention  resetting the trap.

    I use trap size #160 and #220 for wood chucks.  Remember, never set these out in the open or in a area where yo think a non- target animal could get in it(Cat, Dog).  These traps are great tools in dealing with damaging wildlife, but must be treated with respect and care. 

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