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Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Camper

Campfires, fishing, a folding chair, bug spray, hot dogs, and cool morning air; yes I went camping.
  Several weeks ago, while cleaning stuff out of my mom's house I came across a tent, sleeping bag, Coleman stove, and a Coleman lantern.  All camping gear  we've  won over the years at game dinners and what not.  Rather than throwing them out I decided to use it and go camping. 
      I choose Housatonic Meadows State Park, because of good reviews and the Housatonic's  excellent summer small mouth fishing.  Camping and Fishing Smallies on the Housatonic, Two things i have wanted to do for a long time.   I booked one night via the internet with the intention of my brother going with me, however, he could not get the time off from work.  My wife was able to go, but we could not get anyone to watch the dog, so like, Les Stroud, I faced the wilds alone.
      Upon arrival at the park checking in with the attendant was the first order of business.   After receiving a copy of the rules and paying for a bundle of fire wood($5) I drove to my site.  Site #11 was to be my home for the night.  Located right on the bank of the Housatonic River the camp met and surpassed  my expectations.   The first task to complete was to pitch my tent, or as Mike Hawke would say, "time to make the Hooch".  I am not a survival expert with a TV show, but I had no problem getting the tent deployed.  Coleman got it right with the tent.  The name of the tent is "Cadence 2".  It weighs in at 4.5 pounds, has one pole, and a full coverage rain fly.  The specs say a 2 person tent and I do believe it is, but I hope you are comfortable with your roommate for the night, because you are going to be close.  

    With the tent up I switched my attention  to the 6wt.  From everything I've seen printed over the years the olive wooly bugger was the fly to use.  The Housatonic River is big for me I am used to fishing a small stream.  I noticed lots of bait fish and tons of cray fish in the shallows.  The first cast landed behind a rock and a little fish whacked the fly right away! 

  It was a small mouth of miniature size.  After fishing through 4-5 of these little guys something big hit my line.  The fish had to go on the reel as it pulled line and jumped wildly.  Small Mouth action like this filled the next few hours of my trip.  The action actually died off as it got dark and I walked back to camp to start a fire for the night.  

     Back at camp a fire was needed.  It was getting dark and the bugs started to come out.  After lighting the Coleman Lantern I took my time to make a well constructed T-pee fire.  With the light of a match Flames burst out, I was not going to spend the night in the dark.  Dinner was Steaming vegetables and a hot cup of coffee.  Sitting by the fire for the next couple of hours was ideal as I was able to relax.  Soon after my sleeping bag was calling and I turned in to get an early morning of fishing. 

    Morning brought a thick layer of fog to the River.  After putting my waders on and grabbing the fly rod I ran down to the bank.  Fishing was slow at first but it built and as the sun came over the mountain fish activity increased.   I needed to get home early so I broke camp at 9 and headed back.
    If you go to Housatonic Meadows you will enjoy your stay.  Not only will you find a beautiful campground, you will also find several amenities to make your stay nice.  Fishing was good-excellent, but remember fly rods only.  If you want to spin fish a short drive to get out of the fly fishing zone is needed.  To be honest, even newbie fly roders can catch these fish.  Also, be mindful there is no fishing within 100 feet of a feeder stream during the summer.  After a devastating warm spell many of the trout in the river went belly up.  These feeder streams flow out of the dense forest making the water much cooler, serving as an Oasis for trout.  This is a trip I will take again and hopefully some fishing buddies can come with me.  For more info on CT Camping in state parks go to: CT State Park Campgrounds

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