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Monday, August 23, 2010

No Fishing Today

 My hopes of going out on the water this morning were smashed with a dose of stiff South East winds.
  Yesterday, my area received some much needed rain, however, as good as it was for the gardens and lawns, the clam beds have been shut down.  Whats a guy to do in the middle of the summer with no water activities?  I decided to take inventory on my hunting stuff.  Fall will be here soon and i plan to do a lot of hunting this year.  Geese, ducks, squirrels, rabbits, deer, and crows BEWARE!!!!  Now that i am working evenings i can afford to do a lot of hunting and fishing this fall.  I really hope to do some duck hunting during the early season in October, but we will see how the fishing is.  Last year i did not hunt the October season due to boat problems. 

     1.  12 buffle heads-  6 Herters and 6 GHG
     2.  6 FA brand Black Ducks
     3.  10 FA brand Geese
     4.  2 Brant-hand me down
     6.  6 Hand-me-down Mallards
     7.  16 Blue Bills 11 GHG and 5 hand-me-downs
  I found last year that the black ducks and a few divers brought in the ducks well.  I am going to target puddle ducks and geese this year and leave the Long Tails, Brant, Buffle Heads, and Mergansers alone.

     1.  2 boxes of Federal Black Cloud 3inch, 1.25 ounce #BB
     2.  1 box of Federal Black Cloud 3 inch, 1.25 ounce #2
     3.  1 box of Federal Black Cloud 3inch, 1.25 ounce #3
     4.  1 box of Kent Fasteel 3.5inch, 13/8ounce #2
     5.  4 boxes of Remington game loads
     I also dug out my duck calls.  I am new to duck hunting and i had the means and technology to purchase some RNT calls off of Ebay this past spring.  I have been practicing with them all summer.  I picked up a RNT Original(best duck call ever!!!), RNT Micro Goose(Very easy with a great sound), and i found a RNT Dirty Bird(Very deep sounding).  I simply can't wait to use these call for years to come, I truly Cherish them. I also cleaned up my hunting bag.  Its made by Avery and holds game, shells, permits, a sandwich, and other stuff.  My brother says "its a purse" not even close, "Its a satchel and cool"  i say.  A satchel game bag is great for a small game hike.  It is also ideal for when we anchor the boat and climb out on some rocks or a sand bar to shoot ducks. 
  Even with a ton of fishing left in the season i still can't wait to get out there and do some hunting.  With the new kitchen coming this fall i am looking forward to cooking a lot of game.


  1. You definately have a full plate.

    I'll do some bird hunting in the uplands, and hopefully harvest a deer or two.

    The table fare form them is very special.

    Brk Trt

  2. I see that the bug has gotten to you as well. I've been driving around with my calls in the car and a calling CD in the truck. Every time I'm stopped at a light out comes the call. I'm sure people have been complaining about the weird guy driving around town making funny noises. :)

  3. brk trt, i wish there was some more grouse around. I hunted them once and had a great time. With CT's daily limit of 1 i think i will have to plan a trip to the north country to go. I plan to get some rabbits and squirrels this fall.
    Passinthru, September goose is only a short wait away.