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Friday, December 3, 2010

Out Again

Over sleeping is usually not good, and when it comes to duck hunting it seldom leads to good things.
I had my alarm set for 430am so i could eat and have a cup of coffee before i hooked up the boat and ran.  The clock got me up at 430 and i closed my eyes.  The extra sleep seemed like 5 minutes but in reality it was more like 45 min.  Now i am in a hurry.  After stopping to get a cup of hot coffee to pound the sand out of my eyes i got the boat, decoys, gun, shells, and hat.   NW winds 5-10 and a 26 degree air temp made today a great day to be on the water.  Upon launching the boat i could detect a faint light in the east as i shoved off. 

    Today, i was trying a new decoy format.  Last year we just threw everything but the kitchen sink out there.  This year my focus has been to be more methodical about my set ups and decoys.  Since Goose season is open i placed 4 canadas to the port side and 4 off the stern.  The furthest goose was about 30 yards out and the closest 10.  On the starboard side i put out 3 buffle heads and 2 mergs.   Everything was in the water and the boat was anchored 10 minutes after legal shooting.    The first pair to fly in was a mystery.  The landed to the side of the decoys and then fly off just as fast.  I had a lot of mergs come in today and not much else.  I did not see any geese and no buffle heads.   I did see 2 puddle ducks flying, but they kept trucking.  I took out a single merg to make the trout fisherman happy. 
   Best part of they day was i located a new spot  to hunt and i have confidence in my canada decoys.  Over all i was just very happy to get out. 


  1. I can relate to the 45 mins feeling like 5.
    But you had a successful hunt.

  2. Brk Trt, Just making it out there makes it successful. Its just a bonus to take home a Merg to train my dog with.

  3. At least you are out getting after them Savage. I haven't been out for ducks since Deer season opened but I plan to be out soon. Thanks for sharing