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Friday, December 17, 2010

Two Down!!!!

The weather was great today.  I originally planned on a diver hunt this morning since i have been seeing a lot of blue bills and golden eyes, but my buddy canceled on me at the last minute.  I did not want to be setting out a ton of decoys by myself, so i scratched that idea.
  Last night before i went to bed i decided on trying for ducks in the afternoon.  I have never hunted ducks late in the day before, so my expectations were not that high.  Low tide was at 230pm and i was at my spot at 1pm.  I only put out 3 Quack black duck decoys and 2 mallard decoys.  I felt that i was in a place that the ducks wanted to be and i would not need a lot of decoys if any.  I anchored and covered the boat and jumped out.  I waded out to my group of rocks that put the decoys about 15 yards from me.  I found a natural lazy boy free of barnacles and sharp oyster shells and sat down.  I was in the sun and ready to fall asleep. 

     I did notice lots of divers flying.  Through my binocs i saw Mergs, Buffle Heads, Golden Eyes, Old Squaw, and a flock of Blue Bills, but no puddle ducks.  I was thinking i should have done the diver thing, but it was only 2pm and there was a lot of hunting left.  At 215pm a Golden Eye passed me 35 yards out doing mach 3.  My shot missed horribly.  At 315pm a lone black duck began quacking and circling me.  It did not come in, but i was able to turn him with a few toots on my duck call to come back and look a 2nd and 3rd time, so i felt that was a step in the right direction. 
    At 330pm the fun started.  i took a look behind me and i noticed two black specks in the sky about half a mile away and they were heading my way.  They kept getting closer and closer.  As they got to me they started to drop!  They appeared to want to land about 100 yards from me when the ducks saw my decoys and quickly made a last minute adjustment.  Now all i can see is 2 green heads and 2 sets of hanging orange feet making for my decoys.  When they passed in front of me i drew and dropped the low one 20 yards from me.  There you have it my first mallard, "holly smokes i can't believe it worked" i thought.  I fired up the boat and retrieved my prize.  At 350pm i was being circled by 6 ducks.  Finally, after chewing on my duck call they turned and came right in.  All but two flared at the last minute. The two that stayed committed were right in side 30 yards and i dropped a second one.   I felt like i was on cloud nine when i saw those two ducks crash in to Long Island Sound.  It took me a long time to figure these ducks out and i am sure they will keep me guessing; however, today i finally achieved the goal of getting a few puddle ducks.   That was it for the night and i was very pleased being able to kill a few puddle ducks for tomorrow nights dinner.  


  1. Way to Go. That is two more green heads than I got this year.

    Thanks for the read.