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Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Duck

I was able to take my new hunting buddy, Ed out this morning for a sea duck/diver hunt.  Both diver ducks and sea ducks are in Long Island Sound right now and good magnum black and white decoys do the job.  Today, the weather was even better that yesterday and it was a real treat to enjoy some gunning with a friend.

   The weather was a little too calm and it hampered the action.  We watched ducks in the binocs loafing around feeding with no reason to get up and fly.   It would have been nice if there was a few other guys hunting as it would keep the ducks moving.  Even a seal was loafing in the sun after stuffing himself full of herring.  We did get a few Old Squaw to come check out the decoys.  The first one I knocked down and ED and I Used about one half pound of shot to finish it off.   30 minutes latter with were so rudely interrupted by another cannon ball run of Old Squaws.  2 came in and 0 left.  So Ed's first duck was taken with one shot and dropped like a rock out of the sky.   Pretty good bagging a hen Old Squaw for your first duck.   Great morning to be out with the weather so warm.  between yesterdays Golden Eyes and today's sea ducks and buffle heads i should have enough for a recipe i wanted to try.


  1. I'm not much for the hunting but I sure do love me some duck!

  2. Blake, the old squaw are a little tricky when it comes to table fare. They are pretty good on the smoker or you can soak them in milk over night and then put them in a red wine for several hours. other than that they are not the best eating.

  3. Savage,
    A positive start to 2011