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Monday, November 14, 2011

2nd Time Around

Here they are before loading it into the truck.
   Personally, I can't thank the State of Connecticut enough for the youth hunter days.  When i was 12 they did not exist, but i happy to say the State has them now.  Last week Savage Ed's daughter Loly was able to bag her first deer 8 days after turning 12.  It took me about 5 seasons to shoot my first deer, so she is off to an incredible start.  Rudy A, Savage Ed, and myself wanted her to enjoy everything about the outdoors.  Over the summer we have several conversations about how to keep her warm and comfortable in the woods, and it was only a big bonus if she got a deer.  Rudy A, was thinking way ahead when he set up a blind for here in mid October.  Unfortunately the blind did not make it to the first youth day.  14 inches of wet snow crushed it; however, there was a blind only 40 yards away that my brother and I built 8 years ago.  Loly was outfitted with some nice clothing, gloves, hat, orange vest, and a .243.
     Connecticut held a second youth day last Saturday.  I really wanted to go with them but work put a stop to  me having a good time, which is often the case.  Around 4:10pm i got a call from my mom.  She said Loly shot another deer!  A quick call to Savage Ed confirmed the fact.  He said "I can't talk now i am dragging my daughter's deer out"!  From the pics it looks to be a mature doe.  I guess the party is at their house!
   I can remember when i shot my first deer.  It was snowing and about 3 in the afternoon.  The snow lifted and the spike horn appeared like a ghost 30 yards from me.  I shot it and to my displeasure the deer ran off.  I could see blood and hair all over the snow so i had to track  Then the snow started to fall again and i had no blood trail to follow.  When i did find the deer, with the help of the land owner's lab, it had 2 inches of snow on it.  I even recovered the 165gr. slug.  I can only imagine that Loly had those same feeling of happiness.  She was able to spend another day in the woods with her dad and shoot another deer.  Next she wants to try duck hunting and ice fishing!
   As for me i am getting the boat squared away for water fowl.  I have been doing a lot of scouting and it is not looking so good.  Only a few resident mallards are flying around.  I have not seen any buffle heads or mergs.  The only positive note is the Old Squaw, which are around.  I am pumped to get out Saturday with my brother and gun down some sea ducks.


  1. thats really cool! I went back to idaho and they have boy scout hunts that were going on

  2. Great smile to go along with a great deer. Good for her. Hang in there Savage, the ducks will come....hopefully soon..but in the meantime I will get in a few days of deer hutning. Good luck!

  3. Dustin, I think it is a great idea for the boy scouts to have a hunting trip!

  4. Congrats to Loly on a nice looking deer. Good luck on the duck scouting. Tight Lines.

  5. Shes gonna be quite the well rounded outdoorsman, Congrats!