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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Connecticut Walk Book West

The Book of Books!

   Recently, I came across the Connecticut Forest and Park Association's Walk Book West.  The book highlights all the Blue Blazed hiking trails in the western part of the state.  For those of you living east of the Connecticut River they have an Eastern Addition.  I am very Pleased with the book.  Each trail as a detailed highlight description, mileage markers, and map.  During this past week I had some time off from work.  The winds out of the east kept me off the water so I simply opened the Walk Book and hit the trail.  I was able to do most of the Saugatuck Valley Trail and the Whole Lillianonah Trail.  The Book is a essential to people looking for more from the outdoors. I have gained a lot through this book out of two short hikes.   Here is a Hiking Video and some pictures from my Lillinonah Trail

The Lillinonah Trail

The Log Book

I dare you!

I have a lot going on recently.  One of the family dogs is really sick, and I have been taking care of him a lot. His Name is Bubba and he is 5 and he is a really good friend.  On a better note i was able to do some shooting to today.  I will have a post on the Ruger LCP soon i just have to have time to write it up.  The gun is pretty good!


  1. Savage that book is great. I've found some good hikes in there, even within 5 minutes from downtown Waterbury. And, I think I may have eaten those mushrooms once at a Phish show. Watch out!

    1. Mr hippie we need to get out on a hike

  2. Great stuff.
    Cliff bars I like, peanut butter a fave.
    I have a Bean day pack, work OK for me.
    Those mushrooms will put you in the spirit world, just like it did to The Regulators in Young Guns.

    1. I liked the bean pack it just didn't fit me right. Ll bean took it back with a full refund. Great company.