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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Outdoorsavages on Youtube!

It took me a long time but here you go.  this video was shot back in May.  As an update, I can not go out and get clams because of all the rain.  As soon as the beds reopen I will post something about the chowders.Clamming Adventure


  1. Good stuff......what is the significance of the lack of sea lice?

  2. Ed, the sea lice suggest fish in from real ocean water. For us in western LIS it means chesapeake fish and not hundson fish

  3. Thanks. Would that be the same thing for Boston Harbor?

  4. Another chapter in the Savage Saga.
    Can't wait for the Chowder recipes.

    1. It seems like a whole new saga for sure. The clamming stuff will come when the beds open up. I have a lot of good clam video ideas