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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What a Trail!

My plans were foiled today since my fishing buddy has fallen ill.  I originally wanted to go out on the boat and slay some bass with top water plugs.  July is the time to fish resident fish, and if the weather remains stable, the fishing will be very predictable.  Last night i learned if i went on the boat it would be alone.  Hitting the boat solo night or day is something i do often, but i was looking forward to shooting a cool video of us plugging in the early morning hours.  I Actually thought about staying home and slaying my couch instead of the bass, but i had to make the best of my day off.

     I sat down and poured a drink and low and behold the Connecticut Walk Book was open to page 51, The Housatonic Range Trail.  The trail Starts in Gaylordsville and travels 6.3 miles south to the terminus on the Candlewood Mountain summit.  I decided to give the trail a shot.

   At 730am i arrived at the Tory's Cave parking area off Rt 7.  The parking area is located across the road from some good river smallie fishing!  The trail is Unique to say the least!  It travels through woods, a housing  development, roads, swamps, and ledges.   At times the trail goes through peoples backyards.  You will feel a little uneasy, and think "no way can this be right", but it is.  I did not film any of the areas in backyards or take pics out of respect and privacy of the residents, but i recommend hiking the trail!  The route I took, was about 8 miles, and challenging is spots.  I am glad I got back when i did because it got hot.  I am off tomorrow, and fishing is the plan.

    Look at the Video Here Housatonic Range Trail

The Concord Way parking area off RT 37


  1. Nice. But I don't think I'd be climbing those rocks.
    I'm also in agreement about not going into the cave.

  2. The rock scrambles were pretty cool. I was prepared for any animals living in the rocks. The Cave on the other hand was a no go since i was by myself. If i got trapped no one would know! I may try the cave if i have a friend with me.

    1. they would have to see what page you dog eared in the Connecticut Walk Book before sending out the search party!

  3. Really just think about it. A guy parks on the road and enters the woods at 7am on a wednesday to a little known cave, goes into the cave. As his luck would have it a .0000051 richter scale earth quake happens and moves the support rock that has been in place for 10,000 years. Lesson is tell people where you are.