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Saturday, August 11, 2012

From Austria with Love

    The other day it rained.  What better way to pass a rainy day by than to go gun shopping.  I was looking at getting a 20 ga for small game hunting when a pistol caught my eye.  I asked the guy behind the counter to check it out and 30 minutes latter I was the proud owner of a Glock 17 Gen 4 with NIGHT SIGHTS!  The gun empty weighs in at under 2 pounds.  I got 3, 17 round magazines with the gun.  The Tritium nights sights are fantastic and stand right out in the dark.  I always wanted to own a Glock and now i can check that one off my list. 

    I took the Glock to the range this morning and put 100 rounds through it.  I functioned with out fail and shot well.  I was shooting the light 115 gr 9mm junk ammo that is so prevalent to day, but the gun ate all of it.  I really liked the absence of complicated safety devises.  I loaded one magazine to the max, and fired all 17 rounds with no problems.  To be honest i really liked the Glock 17 and i am glad i own it.  I am now a Glock Head. 

   I also did some fishing on Thursday.  The bass and blue bite is great right now.  The fish are feeding on the snappers.  Jan D and i went out Thursday and slayed them.  I was throwing EP flies to look like snappers. I was able to land a 34 inch fish on my 9wt which made my day.  The predator fish are going nuts in shallow water for the first two hours of the day, despite the 77 degree water temp.  The key is finding the shallow water feeding grounds located next to deep water.  Also, I want to point out, the bait situation is awesome right now and i hope for productive fishing right up to thanks giving.    We were able to take a bunch of blues home for dinner. 
34 inch bassoff 9wt

Fresh Bluefish baked with fresh garden tomatoes, tyme, onion. and peppers.


  1. Congratulations on your entry into the Glock family and the bass.

    I read on another blog that the fishing is tough in RI. I am hoping to get to Deer Island soon.

  2. Ed, I think you should be able to catch fish some where along the shore line at Deer Island. I think the first hour of the day is prime time. Try tossing out a Storm Chug Bug or The Stillwater Smack it. Both are poppers that have a loud rattle in them and usually draw lots of strikes for me. Good luck when you go. As for the Glock, it is my far the easiest pistol i have ever shot.

  3. Hog of a fish Savage, hmmm last photo sure looks tasty.

  4. Blake the last photo is simple baked bluefish. A lot of people think bluefish is oily and bad; however, i would like to point out these are the same people that do not like to eat fish. These people like fish like cod, flounder, and other fish that have white meat and don't taste like fish. Bluefish does have a more "fishy" taste, but I think it is really good if handled properly.

  5. That bluefish is brain food (really). Nice pistol. Tritium turns into helium in 12 years, plenty of time for low light adventures.

    1. Not sure yet what glow sights you could get for the Mossberg. I am a strong advocate of adding adjustable sighting methods to all shotguns to center the shot for each load. Hunting shotguns do not shoot strait with every different load, with a front bead only. I have vision loss, so I have to use optics for all shotgunning.

  6. Reverend, do you know if they make tritium for a mossberg 835? a sight like that would be great when that black duck flies in 5 minutes into legal shooting time on an overcast day.

  7. I love when a fish is good enough to prepare simply. Looks great, makes me wish (as usual) that I lived closer to the ocean.

    Oh, and nice piece. I like the glock as well, nice for my small hands. Not that your hands are small or anything. I actually know very little about your hands.