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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Personal Best

      As a youngster I learned fishing through the art of bottom fishing here in Long Island Sound.  Over the years I have had some spectacular days fishing for Fluke, Sea Bass, and Porgies.  I never had much luck with the Fluke, but the Sea Bass and Porgies are another ball game.  I have always been very fond of porgy fishing, and I was very happy to drop a cut peace of clam down this morning.  What came up was a new Personal Best Porgy!  Sorry, no 50 pound bass of 20 pound blue.  It was evident The Porgy broke off another angler recently by the broken leader hanging out of his mouth.  Someone's "the one that got away" is my Personal Best.  The Porgy taped out at 16.75 inches and hit a little over 2.25 lbs. on the scale.  I have always come close to the 2lb mark but i broke it today.


  1. Congrats buddy.
    As a kid we had a camp at Hammonasset and stayed there the summer. Bottom fishing was a BIG part of my youth.

  2. Ever seen a 17 inch Scup. They Haul ass on light tackle. =)