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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Haul with the New Jeep

   Several weeks ago I decided I needed a new vehicle.  I still own my 04 Dakota, but I thought it was time for something new.  I really liked the New Jeep Cherokee so I test drove one.  I was very impressed with the comfort and layout of the vehicle.  The Jeep also has a a ton of features I really like such as: 110 outlets, USB ports, Compartments, systems monitoring, and power.  The options I got was the tow package and the V-6 engine.  The tow package comes with a full size spare, transmission cooler, bigger alternator, hitch, and wiring harness.  The V-6 engine is rated at like 270hp and turns the Jeep into a rocket ship.  Hills are no problem, and I get 26 MPG on the highway.  
    Yesterday was the Jeeps inaugural tow.  My buddy wanted to bring his little 14 footer down to the shore for winter adventures, so i offered to hitch it up to the Jeep.  The boat was not a test since it only weighs 600 pounds BMT.  I got the boat down to the yard and we put it in the water for a little duck hunting.  The wind had picked up hard and it was borderline safe.  We tucked in behind some rocks but did not get any sea ducks to come in.  We did accomplish the first adventure in the new Jeep, and I hope for many more.

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