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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Ugly

 The other day my brother called me to tell me he went Carp fishing, and he smoked'um.  He sent me a picture of one of the fish and I was amazed at how big these fish are.   At this point he had my undivided attention, and we made plans to go.
    I was off from work today, and the weather kept me from going out on the boat like it has most of the spring.  When my brother got out of work we got the gear together and hit the road.  His spot was in an industrial area in a not so clean looking river.  A far cry from beautiful trout streams or a rocky LIS shoreline.   Dump trucks passed behind us on the road and we could smell the near by waste water treatment plant.   We used our light bass rods rigged with a sinker slide and a #2 hook balled up with corn.  We chummed the area with corn and had a seat.  After about two hours my brother was on and he landed a 10 pound fish.  The rest of the afternoon was a bust, however; I was able to see just how strong these fish are.  I will tell you I do not look at these fish as trash fish anymore.  I will be making another trip to catch a Carp.


  1. Carp on the fly rod is on my list for this summer. I haven't ever fished for them, but I'm going to give it a shot.

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