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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sea Ducks!

   Sea Duck hunting is getting a lot better.  Today was just a great day to be out on the water, and I am glad I took advantage of it.  This mooring saw temps in the 40's and no wind.  It felt so nice when the sun hit.  Even better, the birds were on the move.  I was able to kill 3 Old Squaw drakes in about an hour and my friend got one as well.  so for a 1.5 hour hunt before work it was great.


  1. Making me jealous, do you decoy for sea ducks like you do for other waterfowl?

  2. Atlas, I run 18 Old Squaw decoys. I anchor the boat about 10 yards from the decoys and try to set it up so the sun is at my back and in the ducks eyes when they come in. Sea ducks decoy extremely well so long as you have no glare coming off the boat.

  3. Reverend Fowl, that was not the case today. The birds were flying great and me a buddy managed 5 Old Squaw in 2 hours. The only problem was we went through a box and a half of Kent Silver Steel. I guess we should get some more sleep and leave the holiday parties earlier. I think we were both shooting behind the birds.