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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Disapointing start

After 10 long months of waiting, i finally got to go ice fishing. I love getting out on the ice for that first trip, drilling the first hole, and seeing the first flicker on the vex, and even the first flag of the year. Today was my day to get in on SW CT's short ice fishing season.

I wanted to get to Candlewood at 7 but the bait shop did not open till 8 so i was delayed an hour on that end, a Pre-season scouting trip would have reviled this speed bump. I bought a pack of spike and a pair of wool liner gloves. I asked the man at the shop "how has the fishing been"? he replied, "SLOW". Of course, why would it be on fire when i want to go.

All the signs were shaping up for a stellar trip and at 815 i was dragging my sled and contents down the ramp at danbury town park. All i took with me was my vex, new 7inch lazer, and 3 jigging rods. I was going to start drilling holes and keep moving until i found some signs of life on the vex, which i never did. I found one group of dink yellow perch that pestered me twice. Other than that the vex reviled a lifeless abyss. I have had a few day in past years like this and there is nothing you can do about it. i packed it in around 11 with my tail between my legs and dreams crushed. On a nicer note i talked to another ice nut on the way out and he had the same results. Tomorrow is another day and i will find better fishing. I mean its hard for it to get worse. At least i was able to get out for a few hours and enjoy a really nice morning on the water.

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